About Us

Freon Air Conditioning Supplies Company is an Egyptian company that carries out the work of supplying, installing and maintaining all types of air conditioners in Egypt by a trained team to find solutions to all problems of air conditioning, raise the efficiency of cooling and complete cleaning of internal and external units.

The company operates in an effective management that cares about the quality of its services. It also deals with its customers with a mixture of honesty, trust, experience and confidence. From this point of view, its executive staff are working on plans to ensure the highest levels of quality in meeting the needs of its customers from supplying, installing and maintaining all types of air conditioners.

Freon Air Conditioning Supplies Company is one of the most powerful companies that perform air conditioning cleaning and maintenance services by providing the latest modern and advanced technologies that are used in air conditioning cleaning and washing operations with precision and skill.

We carry out complete and comprehensive cleaning and washing of all types of air conditioners inside homes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and schools. Dust, sediment and dust are thoroughly cleaned with high quality special equipment.

Our commitment to the quality of our services has made the Freon brand one of the first brands in the supply, installation and maintenance of all types of air conditioners.

Our mission

Providing a high-quality product and service in conformity with Egyptian and international standards at the best prices

Our company policy

  • Satisfying our valued customers by providing the best quality service and the best price
  • Listening to all suggestions and complaints submitted by our customers in order to develop and update our services continuously and effectively

Our company's goal

Providing a high-quality service that competes with all existing companies with services of supplying and maintaining air conditioners and outperforming them in terms of prices

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